Security Researcher, ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys Diligence does smart contract audits and Ethereum blockchain security. I am part of the team doing security audits and consulting. I also do security research and speak whenever I get the chance.

  • Company ConsenSys Diligence
  • Since November 2018

Developer, Alethio

Alethio is a ConsenSys spoke which creates analytics for the Ethereum blockchain. I’ve built most of the data pipeline from that extracts the blockchain data, applied an ontology and imported into multiple databases.

  • Company ConsenSys
  • Since February 2017
  • Until November 2018

Cofounder / CTO, Fitpass

Fitpass is platform for fitness studios and classes based in Bucharest, Romania. Cofounded and built the product, backend and frontend.

  • Company Fitpass
  • Since May 2016
  • Until December 2017

Cofounder / CTO, Lendia

Lendia was a company aggregating lending offers from multiple banks. Cofounded and built the product.

  • Company Lendia
  • Since February 2015
  • Until December 2016

Owner, ElasticOrange

ElasticOrange was a software company that developed products for international clients.

  • Company ElasticOrange
  • Since October 2014
  • Until January 2017

Developer, Filebox

Filebox was one of the biggest file sharing websites in Romania having 100k uniques per day.

  • Company Synco Telecom
  • Since May 2008
  • Until September 2010

Blockchain Workshops, Bucharest

  • Since 2018

I am currently developing and holding a series of long format workshops which cover the basics of blockchain, Solidity, EVM, private chains setup, consensus algorithms, smart contract design and other related topics.